O2 Cold Therapy Knee Brace with Ice Pack and Air Compression Wrap

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Cold and compression combined can put a stop to your knee pain!

When you have knee surgery or osteoarthritis, your knee swells with fluid. Often the fluid on your knee causes pain and discomfort. Your doctor may prescribe cold packs to reduce the swelling. When compression is added to the cold, your knee swelling decreases even faster according to medical studies.

O2 Cold Therapy Knee Brace has been proven to give quicker recovery and its advantages include:

  • Pump up with Air and Compress to alleviate pain faster
  • Removable Gel Liner for cooling in the fridge
  • Universal One Size -Works above and below clothing
  • Used for sprains, strains, rehab, muscle tension / fatigue & sports injuries and osteoarthritis of the knee


  • O2 completes your therapy! If your Doctor wants you to do RICE Therapy (Rest Ice Compression Elevation), then we can help with the Ice and Compression! Great for Arthritis and Post Surgery
  • O2 quickens your recovery! By adding Air Compression to the cold, your recovery time is shortened according medical studies.
  • O2 is target designed! By designing for individual body parts, you get targeted pain relief for the area you need it most.
  • O2 is durable and reusable! The industrial design satisfies physical therapists for multiple uses per day. High quality materials, re-freezable cold packs with liners, and high end valves will ensure a long life to your needed therapy.

Legal Disclaimer: No products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent an injury or disease. Cold therapy should be used based on a doctors recommendations and direction.

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