Milliard Foam Leg Elevator Cushion with Washable Cover

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Need a leg up? Everyone does from time to time. Milliard can help you along on the road to recovery. This Foam Leg Cushion gently elevates your leg and supports your knee in a bent 45° angle for proper positioning to heal correctly. The key to fast recovery is elevating injured joints above your heart level to reduce blood pooling. Unlike some other leg cushions, the sculpted leg channel in this Millard cushion gently holds your leg in place while you rest.

The cushion is molded from dense, polyurethane foam for soft, but firm, support on bed mattresses or reclining chairs. It's symmetrical for use on either your right or left leg. A removable, machine washable cover is also included for keeping the cushion fresh in between uses. Hopefully life doesn't beat you up too often, but if you or a friend suffered an injury, prop the leg up with the Millard Elevator Cushion to get back on your feet faster.


  • Elevates and angles injured legs and knee joints for an optimal healing position.
  • Reduces swelling and decreases pain by reducing blood flow to the injury.
  • Keeps your leg(s) gently in place while awake or sleeping to prevent further injury from tossing and turning.
  • Made from supple polyurethane foam with a sculpted leg channel and 45° angled thigh ramp.
  • Includes removable, machine-washable velour cover. Measures 32L x 13W x 9.5H inches

Brand: Milliard

UPC: 840985110673

EAN: 0840985110673