Game Ready Straight Knee Wrap with ATX

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Game Ready® ATX® Wraps are anatomically engineered for major body parts, head to toe. All feature low-profile, circumferential design and use patented NASA technology to provide dual-action delivery, optimal coverage, and better surface contact for more effective hot and cold therapy treatment.

Game Ready’s dual-action ATX Wraps (Active Temperature Exchange) feature two separate internal chambers – one for air and another for water circulation. The patented design enables the simultaneous delivery of adjustable pneumatic compression and continuous cold or heat therapy throughout treatment.


  • ANATOMIC ENGINEERING - Unlike other products that use a one-design-fits-all approach, Game Ready wraps are anatomically engineered for specific body parts head to toe – and are available in a variety of sizes to assure optimal performance and comfortable fit.
  • CIRCUMFERENTIAL COVERAGE - Low-profile, circumferential wraps cover more surface area and enable pneumatic compression for better body surface contact, enhancing the effects of cold, heat, and rapid contrast therapy.
  • ACTIVE COMPRESSION - More effective than conventional, static ice and heat packs, Game Ready wraps use intermittent pneumatic compression to simulate natural muscle contractions that “pump away” edema and encourage the flow of oxygenated blood needed for tissue repair.
  • CONSISTENT TEMPERATURES - Patented internal microdot construction facilitates maximum and even fluid flow for efficient, consistent cooling (cryotherapy) and heating (thermotherapy), helping to safely reduce pain and swelling without narcotic medications.
  • DUAL-CHAMBER, TWO-PART DESIGN - Using proprietary technologies, Game Ready wraps are comprised of an inner, dual-chamber “heat exchanger” and a removable, machine-washable, and replaceable outer sleeve.
  • EASY APPLICATION - Velcro®-like closures and quick-release hose connectors make it easy to apply the wraps and to snap in and out of treatment as needed, mess-free.

Brand: Game Ready

UPC: 080177397868

UPC: 080177397868

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