Hyperice Knee Ice Compression Wrap Review

Hyperice Knee Ice Compression Wrap Review

Cold therapy after knee injury is a must. It’s one of the most recommended treatment protocols for the very simple reason that it works. Up until now, my cold therapy go-to device has been the Ossur Cold Rush. While this is an awesome product (link to a review on it here), it does have lack of portability as a major limitation. My search for a device that could deliver effective cold therapy to my knee regardless of location led me to the Hyperice Knee.

Maybe you’ve seen Hyperice around. Their products have been seen on the bodies of the world’s most famous athletes and featured in Men's Fitness, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, Muscle and Fitness, Women's Health, ESPN and Inc. Magazine. They tout their ice compression line as offering “the world's first high performance portable ice compression device.” With all its elite endorsement this product just has to be good, right?

I ordered a Hyperice Knee (link here) as well as the Hyperice Fuel Reusable Synthetic Ice (link here). First thing to note is that this product costs a lot more than alternatives on the market, with the price of the above easily exceeding $100. Both products, especially the knee wrap, arrived in outstanding retail packaging. Retail packaging is usually the first sign of quality, as it’s unlikely a company will splurge on the packaging and skimp on the contents.

After unpacking the Hyperice knee wrap, I was faced with a deceptively simple looking device. I placed the Hyper Ice Fuel in the freezer to chill and in 12 hours, was ready to try this product.

The first time you put this on it’s a little tricky to place and fit. Once you’re familiar though it becomes a breeze. The ice pack, called an Ice Cell, goes on your knee and you fasten the wrap securely around it. The Ice Cell has a patented air release valve which you’ll soon realize is indispensable. Anyone who uses ice packs knows you can never squeeze all the air out. With this air release valve, you get pretty darn close. Especially when you use it after putting a good amount of compression on your knee via the wrap. This little valve allows the ice pack to form perfectly to your knee, allowing constant and even contact along the entire skin surface. I found the Ice Cell and knee wrap to be extremely flexible, allowing you to bend your knee and even walk around easily with it on. This was something I wasn’t prepared for and it has turned out to be one of its best features – being able to be active while icing your knee.

The Hyperice Fuel deserves special mention. The little gel chunks which make up the Hyperice Fuel outperform regular ice. It holds cold longer and it’s so pliable that it gives better skin contact. While it does take a while to chill (recommended 12 hours for maximum performance) it not only performs better than ice, but also is more convenient. The Hyperice Fuel container fastens securely onto the Ice Cell, so filling and emptying is clean and spill free. No having to empty water into the sink, just empty it into the fuel container and place in the fridge – easy!

So in summary ...

What's good: compact, great design, high quality product, fits well, unsurpassed portability, provides good compression.

What's not: it’s far more expensive than alternatives.

Final Verdict

Hyperice really outdid themselves with this product. It’s deceptively simple but extremely effective. The elite endorsements are all well deserved and this will probably now replace the Ossur Cold Rush as my go-to knee icing device. It’s complementary product, the Hyperice Fuel outperforms ice and is far more convenient. While expensive, the Hyperice Knee and Fuel are worth it. The knee wrap is extremely effective and portable. So portable in fact that my movement was no longer limited when icing my knee. Sitting, standing and walking around were effortless.

If you'd like to purchase this unit, you can find it here. Still on the fence? Feel free to contact us or leave a comment for more information.

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