Celadrin Advanced Joint Health Review

Celadrin Advanced Joint Health Review

In researching supplements that help with recovery from knee surgery, Celadrin is probably one of the first products you'll encounter. It's widely available, affordable and has rave reviews. Claiming to be a cellular lubricant that promotes flexibility, reduces inflammation, reduces joint discomfort and works faster than glucosamine or chondroitin, this supplement has a lot to live up to. Question is ... does it work?


Celadrin softgels contain an all-natural matrix of esterified fatty acid carbons. Fatty acids and their joint health benefits are widely studied and well known. Perhaps the best studied of all fatty acids, Omega 3s, have been proven to reduce inflammation, reduce joint stiffness and decrease the progression of osteoarthritis. Celadrin, while it does not contain Omega 3s, has been found in clinical studies to be similarly beneficial at increasing flexibility, reducing joint pain and improving joint mobility. 

I tried Celadrin about three weeks post-op. At this stage, I still had a lot of stiffness and limited range of motion (ROM), so it would prove a good testing ground for this supplement. At 525 mg per softgel, these are large but easy to swallow. I took two softgels once a day as directed. There are many brands which offer Celadrin supplements but the one I'd recommend is Inflame Away. Their softgel size is larger than the 350 mg other brands offer.

First thing I can say is this did not work quickly for me. I noticed no difference within the first few weeks of taking it. 

Does it work quicker than glucosamine and chondroitin? Yes.

Did it work in the 'week or two' others claimed it worked for them? No. 

It was almost four weeks before I started to notice any effects and the benefits really peaked around week five. In keeping with its claims, I experienced reduced pain and inflammation, as well as increased joint mobility. This product certainly does what it says it'll do.

 So in summary ...

What's good: effective joint health supplement, easy to swallow softgels.

What's not: it may take a few weeks to notice any benefits.

Final Verdict

Celadrin is an effective joint health supplement that can increase joint flexibility and reduce joint pain. Many Celadrin supplements exist, but I'd recommend the Inflame Away brand. It has a larger softgel size than most brands, so it takes a fewer amount of softgels to get the recommended dose. 

This product may take a few weeks to work but it certainly does. It's not a substitute for Omega 3s or glucosamine, in fact, it complements each of these quite well. If you're struggling with knee pain or stiffness, Celadrin is certainly worth a try.

If you'd like to purchase Inflame Away Celadrin, you can find it here. Still on the fence? Feel free to contact us or leave a comment for more information.

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