New Study Suggests First Year Rehab Is Key After ACL Surgery

New Study Suggests First Year Rehab Is Key After ACL Surgery

A new Cleveland Clinic study has yielded insights that show the outcome of ACL surgery is highly dependent on the first year of rehab. In fact, the research shows that with proper surgery and rehabilitation, many people can have excellent results for years after surgery.

Dr. Kurt Spindler says, “As a population, that whatever outcomes are – sports, pain and function – they had at two years, they maintained that at six years and ten years. So there was no drop off, which was quite surprising.”

The researchers examined almost 1600 people, and followed-up with most of them after 2, 6, and 10 years. The researchers learned that the progress people had one year after surgery, remained unchanged after two years, so proper rehabilitation during the first year after surgery is essential. 

Researchers also found they were able to predict who would not have good long-term knee function, based on the presence of certain factors. “Some of the things like any damage to your articular cartilage; any revision surgery, anyone with a higher BMI, any smoker, those things gave you a worse outcome,” says Dr. Spindler.

For more information on this study watch the video below, compliments KTVE NBC 10 West Monroe LA: 

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