Needle Camera Diagnoses Knee Injuries Without An MRI

Needle Camera Diagnoses Knee Injuries Without An MRI

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is the 'go to' diagnostic tool for investigating trauma to the knee. The biggest advantage of the MRI scan is that there's no need for exploratory surgery to make a diagnosis. Thing is, visualizing the structures within the knee is still a superior method for evaluating damage.

To address this, Trice Medical has introduced the mi-eye 2, a revolutionary handheld arthroscope designed for in-office use. This minimally invasive tool uses a needle to deliver an integrated camera and a light source within the knee joint. Structures can be viewed in high definition detail, which gives orthopedic surgeons the ability to provide real-time analysis and faster treatment. Surgery or therapy can be scheduled immediately, with no need to wait for an MRI report, potentially reducing recovery time.



The key points to note on the mi-eye 2, as stated by Trice Medical, are:

  • An injured knee can take weeks to diagnose with an MRI. mi-eye 2 is faster, providing real-time, vivid imaging that benefits both patient and doctor with the answers necessary to determine the best treatment – in just one visit.
  • Instant results help patients recover up to two weeks faster than when choosing an MRI (based on estimated time-frame from radiology testing and results, including follow-up consultation).
  • A wide, 120° viewing angle provides doctors with the expanded perspective they need to visualize and confirm joint injuries.
  • mi-eye 2 presents a vivid picture on a large, HD tablet – with striking resolution for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Patients can watch mi-eye 2’s impressive visualization in real-time, providing immediate, eyes-on, answers to the condition of the intra-articular joint space. There is no better way to demonstrate to a patient the nature of their injury.
  • mi-eye 2 is a fully disposable, single-use device that is delivered in sterile packaging and ready for immediate application.
  • Optimized for use in the orthopedic office setting, mi-eye 2 is easy to use and practice friendly.

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